Impact, monitoring and evaluation of ODA research

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Most research projects will be required to demonstrate a pathway to impact, or evidence that impact will be delivered. While GRCF and ODA project may have slightly different requirements in terms of impact, there are several useful guides on impact.

The University provides general guidance and support on Pathways to Impact

The Impact Initiative is a joint ESRC-DFID resource specifically focusing on development impact.

How to write an impact summary and Pathways to Impact by Fast Track impact

UKRI also has resources on impact.

University resource on research impact

Impact initiative

UKCDR has produced 20 case studies demonstrating the global impact of UK research.

DfID has also produced a guide to research uptake for DfID-funded projects.

ODI has created ROMA: a guide to policy engagement and policy influence.

Most large international development research projects, such as those run by DfID, require a theory of change as part of their reporting requirements. A theory of change is a framework that outlines what change the research programme is expected to achieve, how it will achieve that change and how it will measure it. Large GCRF projects which include monitoring and evaluation should use a theory of change approach if appropriate.

Research to Action have produced a reading list on Theory of Change which links to multiple resources. They have also produced a guide on what DfID want in their theory of change.

The Centre for Theory of Change have a glossary of terms used when creating a theory of change.

This video from Aurora Consulting provides an excellent, simple introduction to the concept of Theory of Change.

Another useful starting point for planning a Theory of Change document is available from DIY Toolkit .


Financial reporting at the end of the award will need to be completed with costs reported consistently with the activities as described in the application and award letter.  Please also be aware of the terms and conditions of GCRF award, including additional terms which are added in by each Research Council depending on the call.

The following links provide key information on reporting:

Research Support Reporting page

Reporting to funders

Managing awards

In September 2019 Becky Murray and Valeria Izzi from LTS International presented on Research for Development: What is it and how do we measure it?

The video podcast can be viewed below: