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Applications for Horizon 2020 funding are made through the European Commission’s Funding & Tenders Portal. Calls are organised thematically and applicants should read the introduction to the section of the work programme containing their call topic and the general introduction to the current multi-annual Work Programme as well as the specific information about their call topic. For some calls the Commission also issues 'Guides for Applicants' which contain essential information about the application process and evaluation criteria.

All information is on the Funding & Tenders Portal: Access the relevant topic then expand the “Topic conditions and documents” section.

The online submission system is accessed through the “Start submission” button on the relevant topic page on the Portal.



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The European & International Team, Research Services (contactable via provides advice and guidance on finding funding calls, using the submission system, completing application templates, and specific funder requirements (cost eligibility, funding model, evaluation criteria etc).

All applications to Horizon 2020 calls must be routed through the European & International Team for institutional approval before submission – this includes fellowship applications and the outline stage of two-stage calls. The European & International Team produce application information sheets for the most popular Horizon 2020 funding schemes, which can be found on our Factsheets & Presentations page.

All Horizon 2020 applications include a mandatory set of ethics-related questions. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you will need to complete an ‘Ethics self-assessment’ as part of the application. This describes the ethical issues relevant to your project and the actions that you will take to mitigate these. EC requirements are set out on the EC's website and guidance on how to complete the self-assessment is provided.

Information about Oxford ethics requirements and processes can be found on the Research Support website

Open access is a mandatory requirement of Horizon 2020 funding. The Open Access Oxford website sets out what is needed. Eligible costs of compliance should be included in project budgets at application stage.

Open data is voluntary in Horizon 2020. Opting out of the open data pilot will not affect the evaluation of your application. If a project opts to participate (including the coordinator of a collaborative project opting in on behalf of a consortium) specific requirements including provision of a data management plan, must be met. Any costs involved can be included in the project budget. More information can be found on the Research Data Oxford website.

For help with planning for clinical trials (and the relationship and responsibilities within a collaborative project consortium please contact the Research Services Clinical Trials and Research Governance Team (CTRG) - contact information is available on the Research Support website.

Gender equality is a core concern of the European Union. Gender balance is promoted in research teams and sex and/or gender analysis is expected to be integrated into research design and content.

Best practice in applications is to specify the gender of the people primarily responsible for carrying out the proposed activities and to explicitly undertake to promote equal opportunities between men and women to aim to achieve gender balance at all levels in research teams. For all relevant research topics, describe how sex and/or gender analysis has been taken into account in the project’s content. More information is can be found on the European Commission's gender pages.

The University’s Equality and Diversity Unit’s web pages contain a lot of useful information including information on Oxford’s involvement in Equality Charters.

The EC has exhaustive guidance for the use of applicants. This ranges from explaining the context, aims and aspirations of funding programmes, to detailed expectations and explanations around specific elements. All can be accessed through the Online Manual on the European Commission’s Funding and Tenders Portal.