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Knowledge is power. This power can and should be used to foster human and economic development, especially where it is most needed. Research for development (R4D) aims to harness the knowledge produced through systematic enquiry to tackle the most pressing social, political, economic and environmental global challenges. Because of its growing importance for higher education institutions (HEI), interest is intensifying in how R4D is funded, practiced and evaluated, and how it can be made more efficient, open, inclusive, impactful and accountable. But these efforts are often poorly joined-up.

Over the coming years, HEI and researchers themselves will need greater capacity to navigate the continued expansion of their R4D activities. This involves a greater emphasis on interdisciplinarity and collaboration within and outside the academy if R4D is to yield the creative solutions needed to address global challenges. 

To strenghten this capacity, this blog offers a place for reflection and debate, as a starting point to join efforts in making our research activities truly development-oriented. 

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