The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020.

Horizon 2020

Under the terms of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement UK institutions continue to be eligible to apply for all Horizon 2020 calls regardless of their closing date and to be funded, if successful, to the end of the awarded project. Ongoing Horizon 2020 projects will continue to be funded by the EU for their full duration, and applications currently in evaluation (including ERC and MSCA Individual Fellowships) will be funded by the EU (if successful) for their full duration regardless of their start and end dates. Evaluation of submitted applications will not be affected by Brexit.

Horizon Europe

The extent to which UK institutions will be eligible to participate in Horizon Europe calls depends on whether the UK associates to Horizon Europe.

If the UK associates to Horizon Europe we will be eligible to participate in framework programme calls and to be funded by the EU.

In the event of non-association, the UK Government has committed to putting in place measures (funding) to enable institutions based in the UK to participate in those parts of the Horizon Europe programme that will be open to the world.

It is expected that collaborative calls in Horizon Europe will be open to participation from outside the EU.

If the UK does not associate to Horizon Europe we will not be eligible to apply to ERC or MSCA Individual Fellowship calls. The UK Government is developing UK alternatives to these funding streams in case of non-association to Horizon Europe.

For more information about the UK's participation in Horizon Europe, see our Horizon Europe - Participation page.